Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Time No Write

Well hello guys! It's been a hell of a long ass time since I have written in here, I am so sorry! Things havebeen hectic here since my last post that I deleted from Joe and that other chick, which I forgot to tell you all that most of it was me pretending to be Joe just to get info from her. It seems to be thst she had or has a crush on Joe from hen they met last summer for an hour and well whatever.. my beliefs are different but oh well, what can ya do right!

Anyhow, this past weekend I threw my Dad a 60th b-day party. Hisw b-day was Jan 15th but the party was Feb 15th. It was quite a surprise for him to see 60 little chickens across the lawn and a 6 foot chicken saying Jom is no spring chicken with 60 under it. It was cool. I had a house full of family memebers and it was a blast. I even got to see a cousin I haven't seen since my Aunt died, it was cool.

My parents inlaw suite that we had planned was turned down by the township (no surprise there) so now my parents are going to take my mother in laws inlaw suite and we are goimg to build up and out (township can't say notjing than) and Dottie will go up with a deck off her livimngroom with stairs that will go outside to the backyard. She will also have a door to our part of the bedroom incase of an emergency. The electrician and plumber were both here on Sat morning to look at where the rooms will be and what they have to do for this. My laundry room is being taken away so they can make my parent batjhroom bigger for my Dad so they are building another room for me for the laundry room with 2 washers and 2 dryers, LOL. Can you imagine how big my house is going to be when all the parents are gone... what in the hell are we going to do with a house that big?
LOL. So now we are waiting on the loan to go through and we are on our way to having our privacy back with no parents in the way and everyone will be happy and content witht heir own life styles. It's not easy living with parents but i had to do this for my Dad, he is getting weak, falls alot and I need to know he is ok and he is ok here with us.

Alyssa had her Valentine's Day dance on Friday, she looked like she was 15 or so, not 12. When she tried the dress on all I wanted to do was cry. My little girl is growing up so fast right under my feet. Where did the years go?!?! She looked gorgeous ofcourse. Alyssa's friend's Mother did her hair for them. I seriously am locking her ass up when she is 14, LOL. The bars will be put on the windows and her outtings will be ith me and her dad, LOL.

Kids got thier report cards and ofcourse they both did very well. Joey even more so. His grades were Great!! He pulled up ALL his grades and Alyssa, well she always does well =) In that respect, I am so glad my kids don't take after me, I hated school so my f=grades were god aweful. My kids get their smarts from their Dad, lol or they know that Mommy will ground their asses forever id they get bad grades. They get incentives too so that helps, they have something to look forward to at the end of the marking period.

Jonny my lil man is doing very well as well. His language is coming along wonderfully. He is speakimg so many words now, not much of sentences but alot of words and with that, the communicqation is better now. I am so excited! It took me praying all these years for my lil one to call me Mommy and Joe Daddy and now he says it as soon as he see's us, it's wonderful!

Children's Hospital called me about the Autism research and how Jonny qualifies because of his severity of it. W ewere discussing different medications, blood work and etc... I was ok with everything until they said M.R.I. Ummm are u kidding me? Normal people need to be sedated for it because they have that disorder of closterphobia andu want my son to do this? I don't think so. He don't even sit on the little bed at the Dr's office, you think he is going to go in an M.R.I. for a 1/2 hour without moving? I think they are NUTS! So that didn't go well. They are going to keep his name in the file and when something comes up with no need for an M.R.I. they will call me.

Joe fianlly started work like 3 weeks ago, he loves it. How cqn you not. He drives a bus for 3 hours in the am and 3 and 1/2 in the afternoon and get paids more than most people I know working their asses off in construction and the benefits are GREAT! It's Union... Not sure if that is a good thing or not!

It's tax time. Since Joe only worked for 5 months we should get alot back, more like most of it back, he should qualify for the unearned income credit.... We have alot to do in this house, starting with my bathroom and than the kitchen.

Kids had off yesterday and today.. they have off more than they are in school it seems, pisses me off than they complain caquse the kids are he=behind.. well I can't imagine why!!

Ok... I will be back later to read all you guys... I am sorry it's been awhile.. I was in a depressed state for awhile but I am ok now.

Love to you all =)