Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Time No Write

Well hello guys! It's been a hell of a long ass time since I have written in here, I am so sorry! Things havebeen hectic here since my last post that I deleted from Joe and that other chick, which I forgot to tell you all that most of it was me pretending to be Joe just to get info from her. It seems to be thst she had or has a crush on Joe from hen they met last summer for an hour and well whatever.. my beliefs are different but oh well, what can ya do right!

Anyhow, this past weekend I threw my Dad a 60th b-day party. Hisw b-day was Jan 15th but the party was Feb 15th. It was quite a surprise for him to see 60 little chickens across the lawn and a 6 foot chicken saying Jom is no spring chicken with 60 under it. It was cool. I had a house full of family memebers and it was a blast. I even got to see a cousin I haven't seen since my Aunt died, it was cool.

My parents inlaw suite that we had planned was turned down by the township (no surprise there) so now my parents are going to take my mother in laws inlaw suite and we are goimg to build up and out (township can't say notjing than) and Dottie will go up with a deck off her livimngroom with stairs that will go outside to the backyard. She will also have a door to our part of the bedroom incase of an emergency. The electrician and plumber were both here on Sat morning to look at where the rooms will be and what they have to do for this. My laundry room is being taken away so they can make my parent batjhroom bigger for my Dad so they are building another room for me for the laundry room with 2 washers and 2 dryers, LOL. Can you imagine how big my house is going to be when all the parents are gone... what in the hell are we going to do with a house that big?
LOL. So now we are waiting on the loan to go through and we are on our way to having our privacy back with no parents in the way and everyone will be happy and content witht heir own life styles. It's not easy living with parents but i had to do this for my Dad, he is getting weak, falls alot and I need to know he is ok and he is ok here with us.

Alyssa had her Valentine's Day dance on Friday, she looked like she was 15 or so, not 12. When she tried the dress on all I wanted to do was cry. My little girl is growing up so fast right under my feet. Where did the years go?!?! She looked gorgeous ofcourse. Alyssa's friend's Mother did her hair for them. I seriously am locking her ass up when she is 14, LOL. The bars will be put on the windows and her outtings will be ith me and her dad, LOL.

Kids got thier report cards and ofcourse they both did very well. Joey even more so. His grades were Great!! He pulled up ALL his grades and Alyssa, well she always does well =) In that respect, I am so glad my kids don't take after me, I hated school so my f=grades were god aweful. My kids get their smarts from their Dad, lol or they know that Mommy will ground their asses forever id they get bad grades. They get incentives too so that helps, they have something to look forward to at the end of the marking period.

Jonny my lil man is doing very well as well. His language is coming along wonderfully. He is speakimg so many words now, not much of sentences but alot of words and with that, the communicqation is better now. I am so excited! It took me praying all these years for my lil one to call me Mommy and Joe Daddy and now he says it as soon as he see's us, it's wonderful!

Children's Hospital called me about the Autism research and how Jonny qualifies because of his severity of it. W ewere discussing different medications, blood work and etc... I was ok with everything until they said M.R.I. Ummm are u kidding me? Normal people need to be sedated for it because they have that disorder of closterphobia andu want my son to do this? I don't think so. He don't even sit on the little bed at the Dr's office, you think he is going to go in an M.R.I. for a 1/2 hour without moving? I think they are NUTS! So that didn't go well. They are going to keep his name in the file and when something comes up with no need for an M.R.I. they will call me.

Joe fianlly started work like 3 weeks ago, he loves it. How cqn you not. He drives a bus for 3 hours in the am and 3 and 1/2 in the afternoon and get paids more than most people I know working their asses off in construction and the benefits are GREAT! It's Union... Not sure if that is a good thing or not!

It's tax time. Since Joe only worked for 5 months we should get alot back, more like most of it back, he should qualify for the unearned income credit.... We have alot to do in this house, starting with my bathroom and than the kitchen.

Kids had off yesterday and today.. they have off more than they are in school it seems, pisses me off than they complain caquse the kids are he=behind.. well I can't imagine why!!

Ok... I will be back later to read all you guys... I am sorry it's been awhile.. I was in a depressed state for awhile but I am ok now.

Love to you all =)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Life in Theresa's world

Well to start off, mycousin made it home a few days before his baby arrived. My cousin was in Iraq and they let him come home for 2 weeks. They induced labor and wound up doing a C-section anyway. But atleast he was there to be with his wife and see his baby girl be born =) He goes back to Iraq next week I think =(

There is not much going on here lately, surprised huh?!?! Joe goes Monday for his last drive around on the bus and he takes his test Tuesday. After he passes, which I know he will, he starts immediatly which is good for us. Ever since he lost his job we been struggling for this and that. So I am excited about his job and he is too actually!

Obama stated that we are going to get the BIGGEST stimulous check ever. I wonder how much it is going to be because if it is enough I want to make a vscation with just Joe and I, Ithink we need and we deserve it. In the summer we are taking the kids to Bush Gardens (I just hope Jonny takes it well). So yea, we are already planning ahead. If the stimulous check is crap than it will go towards my candle business whichi s going great anyway but I always need something ya know!

I colored my hair as u all seen, I am coloring it again to give it more of a deeper purple look and than I will add soem low loghts to it to bring out the purple. I love purple, LOL. Yea, I think I am going through a mid life crisis or something because now I want my cartledge done on both ears and my nose pierced, LOL I don;t know if I will actually go through with it bnut IF I do I will make sure to post pics.

I have made my own tattoo that I want. It is a charm braclet wth the autism ribbons all around my wrist. Hard to explain it but I will show pics when I do it =) Won't be anytime soon but when it does ofcourse I will show it off, LOL

Before my surgery I was alomo0st 115 lbs and I looked good, even my boobs were great, LOL. After the surgery I lost it all and now I am back to 104 and me gaining weight is really hard, I have to eat all day and night just to gain the weightback and I am just now gaining my appetite for foods.

We've had a few snow showers here but nothing to brag about, not enough to go sledding or anything, just enough to cover the grass and that is it. I want snow but I want it on the weekends so this way the kids dont miss school, lol. I hate when they have a 2 hr delay or they are off due to the weather.

Jonny has been REAT. He is saying words more and more everyday. I go up to him and he tells me I love you. OMG it makes me wanna cry and he calls me MOMMY now and Jie Daddy. It is the sweetest thing ever. I prayed and prayed for that to come when our son would call us Mommy and Daddy! Well it is here and I LOVE IT!! As soon as he see's me he says Mommy! It just gives me the chills thinkimng of it.

My Phycho Dr changed my meds yet again. Now I take 1mg of Klonopin 4 times a day, Remron of 30 mg, Seraquil of 300 mg and the wellbutrin. I was speaking to some lady in the nail shop who was telling us her whole life story and telling us thatshe was on Klonopin and seraquil and her new Dr took her off them saying i can cause a heart attack and they are very addiciting. Well addicitng in my case is NO WAY because i forget alot of times to take them and nothing happens to me. I don't know. Wha medicine is really good for you anyay?!?!?!?

Ok that is it for now.

Tammy if you are readingthis, I cannot comment on your pafe, I dont know what u did but i cannot comment on your posts, LOL

Love to you all


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President, New Hair

Ok so Obama is officially our President now. His speech really got to me, it was very impressive I think. Time to dust off!! I took 288 pictures from my tv and I will post them on Myspace in a special folder just for Obama and feel free Beidgete to steal some, LOL.

I decided since it is winter to do something different with my hair. I colored it today but now I need some low lights in it, I will do that tomorrow. I hate winter so I need something different, why not the hair right?!?!

Whatcha think? Too dark? Not for me? It is quite different, I am still not sure if I like it or not but maybe it will be better when I add some low lights!

How are you all doing? Hope all is well. I will be back later to write =)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Idol Recap

So American Idol this year seems to have a lot of weirdo's running AZ lately. I think this year is going to be very interesting to say the least, especially when they allow a girl to come in and audition in her freaking bikini. Don't get me wrong, she was hot with a nice ass body but that is just the wrong idea and for AI to allow that was kinda freaky.

I was very stoked to see jason Castro though. He was one guy I picked from the gitgo and David Cook so to see him again was like heaven. Here are some photos I took of them off my TV, LOL... Yea I am weird I know.

His brother made it through somehow. I think he was OK... not 1/2 as good as Jason so I knowhe will be booted when the top 24 comes. This year is going to be interesting to say the least. I can't ait to see the inerviews next week, maybe they will have a guy in his briefs, WOOT!

Monday, January 12, 2009

What's Been Happening Here

There really hasn't been that much going on here besides the normal everyday things. Joe and I have been getting along so well, since New Year's. I made it a point in my life that life is too short to get mad and fight over things that should not be. I also made it a point that JOE is the ruler of the house and what he says goes (with Alyssa).

I went for my post-op visit. My incisions he says look great (uhhggg). I asked about the pains on my left side and he said that was normal since the one incision is there and he lazered under the rib cage. My Dr I am one of the worst he had ever seen with the scar tissue and adhesion's he had ever seen, especially on the bowels. I don't have any pains anymore, just sore from the surgery still. He says it takes like 6-8 weeks to feel 100% better. He told me not to lift anything that weighs more than a gallon of milk, no vacuuming, pushing or pulling anything for the next 3 weeks.... OH and no sexual intercourse! I laughed and said Joe is going to hate you for this one. My Dr even wrote Joe a note telling him all of this. Oh well, there are things we can do =)

I have decided that now that Alyssa is 12, has a cell phone, she needs to work off for her cell bill which is $40 a month. She has her room she does everyday which she always did anyway but I added vacuuming and help after dinner everyday. Joey thought it was not fair that he has nothing so he said he wanted to swifter the kitchen floor everyday, LOL. I thought that was funny so I said I would give him $5 a week for the floor, LOL

My cousin who is home from Iraq for 2 weeks is ready to have a baby in 3 days. I am so glad he is able to be home to see the little girl arrive, especially his first baby. Him and his wife tried 4 times before this and she lost them in the first trimester so this is a HUGE ordeal in the family and I am so happy for them!

I want to make plans to go see my cousin Tammy ho lives like 6 hrs away, Upstate New York but they get snow so I think it is going to be a Spring visit.

I have 2 candle parties now. Sometime in Feb they both are so I am stoked about that.

I am having a surprise B-day party for my Dad Feb 15th. Funny thing is, his b-day is Jan 15th so he will have no clue and would have forgotten about his b-day a month later. I am excited about this event. He is the big 60. Damn I cannot believe my Daddy is going to be 60 in a few days!

I have pics of my bowels that the Dr took, before and after, I am just having some issues with the scanner so when I get it going I will post it so you can see how bad it was. Bridgete would probably see it better than anyone else since she is a nurse.

Ok that is enough for me for now. Hope u are well and thanks for the link Brit, I was wondering where u went!

Love to you all

Friday, January 9, 2009

"The Unborn"

Ok so this is going to surprise you all but Joe and I went to the movies today to see the movie "The Unborn". It started today so we thought we woud go while the kids were in school and no long lines for opening night =) ( My Dr from my surgery bought us movie tickets because he felt bad for me having such a bad surgery that he thought would be in and out same day). So off we went to the movies at 10:30 this morning. The movie was good but during the movie the whole time it was a queston of why why why. At the end of the movie it was brought to your attention of why and it all made sense. It was pretty descent except for the guy on the stairs, I could not look and when I did see it, I went "OH MY GOD", the people near us was laughing as I was ready to cry, LOL. it was good and when it comes out on DVD I will be there to buy it!!

Here is another shocker for you! Please don't pass out on me ok!

After the m0vie was over, it was alittle after 12:00 and we went to LUNCH!! Oh yes we did!! Not just to a rinky dink place, it was a new Italian Restaurant and Joe said let's try there. So off we went to lunch. I got chicken parm with some pasta that looked like lasgna but it was all cheese, looked like goat cheese but here it was FRESH mozaeralla cheese, Ummmm ewwwww! I ate the chicken though. it was a nice day out wth just us 2 togeher, we tlked during the car drive to the movies and to lunch and back home and did';t argue over anything!

Us 2 young kids had a good day =)

Thanks to Dr. Turner for buying us tickets, we really needede Joe and Theresa time with noone interfering on us!

So if you go to the movies to go see it, let me know what you think, I thought it was pretty good, not great but pretty good!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Some Things About Me

Ok so here goes some things about me you may or may not kn0w but to get to know me better I thought I would do an about me, some history of Theresa.

I was born July 5th 1974.. a few minutes earlier I could have been a fire cracker baby!

I grew with a Father in a wheel chair (shot in Vietnam and paralyzed him from the chest down) so to me having a Dad in a wheel chair was normal.

I was a dancer from 5-9 I think, took tap and ballet. I just liked the sounds of the tap shoes, hehe.

I was a big huge roller skating freak. I could everything u could imagine on skates, if u get me on them now, I'd break my butt bones, lol.

Growing up every weekend we as kids looked forward to the sumer, we went to my Aunt's lake house (a trailer) and went swimming and tubing and had a blast. The adults got drunk, fought and the kids were cooking marshmallows by the fire at night.

I am still friends with my best friend from 3rd grade, Vernae. We were separated for 3 years because we had different middle schools but were reunited the first day of school in 10th grade in Biology class.

I hate the color PINK, I despise it.

My favorite color is black and dark purple.

I get my nails done every 2 weeks, never will you see me with a light color on my nails.

I HATE shoes

I hate shopping except for food shopping, I just hate to put the order away

I spoil my kids to death

I met my husband in 7th grade, thought he was a dork and than dated him later in 7th grade, on and off dated until our senior year it was serious.

I got pregnant my senior year but lost the baby 3 days after I found out I was pregnant and had the miscarriage in work, that was not pretty!

I got married in my in law's back yard in 1994, a year after graduation

Trying to get pregnant was a nightmare, shots, procedures and etc... finally had one in 1996

Same with second pregnancy, shots, meds and all... He was born 1999

Joe and split up for about a month, we got back together (2000) and BAM!!!! I was pregnant with no assistance from the Dr. Jon was born in 2001

My brother died 2003, D.U.I. crashed and after so many damn surgeries on his lungs and chest tubes we let him go 12/12/03 I miss him so much. He was only 21

I can't stand my mother's side of the family. They are all fakes and they piss me off with their born again christian shit.

I hardly talk to anyone on my Dad's side. I speak with 4 cousn's and my Dad's one brother and his wife. My Dad had an argument with his brother and since than, they haven't spoken to each other and it is stupid =( It is so sad.

my Dad's sister just died last year, didn't mean that much to me, the woman was a huge drinker and knew what can happen, besides she was a trouble maker in the family with another woman whom I will not mention. I can't.... she is my... nm

I love chocolate! Chocolate candy, ice ream, u name it, I love it. My fav is choc covered cherries!

I have been dealing with endometriosis since I was 14, had so many surgeries for it, I lost track of them now.

I am a HUGE Daddy's girl. Always will be!

I have an attitude and have a tendency to say things that maybe I should not say or should just keep to myself because it gets me into trouble and people I think I can count i can't. It sucks!

I love horror movies

I am not a reader but James Patterson has some really good books and I am getting ready to read Twlight

I love black licorice

I have 5 tattoo's, 3 of them have meaning behind them, the other 2 I just wanted

I love football. My team is Dallas, even if they did crappy this year!

I play online video game called World Of War Craft, that is my sanity when the kids go to bed

I love my online friends, they lift me up hen I am down and they help me out when I am in need!

My youngest son has Autism so my life is living in the Autism world

I worry about my kids and what they will be when they grow up, I want them to succeed and not be like me, a nothing

My eyes are hazel but if I wear a certain eyeliner they change to a deep green

I have one brother alive now and he lives up where my parents did live, he was heavily into the drugs and now is clean, I am proud of him.

I have 2 cousin's serving in Iraq and it scares the hell outta me everyday they are here and my cousin Chris just left last week.

I hope Obama can change this society, every damn president we have they say that and it makes it worst but noone as bad as Bush!

I suck at typing. I look at the screen 1/2 the time but I am a typo queen and I am sure you can figure out hat the typo is, LOL

My father in law died, it will be 2 year next m0nth and his birthday just passed so that was hard, i miss him alot!

My mother i law is disabled from a surgery she had, they hit er spinal cord and paralyzed her right side, she cannot move her right leg so it drags when she walks, it sucks.

I take medications to calm me down everyday, if not I am a BITCH and a 1/2. I take Seraquil, Remron, Klonopin and generic form of Zyban. Klonopin is twice a day!

My husband suffers from panic disorder. he has to be on medications or he feels like he is dying.

Right now my life sucks

I had surgery almost 3 weeks ago and my left side is still hurting bad and I can only sit a certain way or it kills me

I love to take baths

I love to listen to music when I am cleaning

I am a clean freak. My floors are cleaned everyday, vacuumed everyday, windexing everyday, dusting and bathroom is tidy everyday.

I hate hamburger, exept for in spaghetti

I love to mess with coloring my hair, id id the black thing but I am too plare for that color.

I am a MUT. I have Irish, german, dutch, Indian and some italian in me

I love crunchy cereal, once ir starts to get soggy I wont touch it

I hate milk but in cereal and my coffee.

I LOVE coffee and I drink way too much of it

I have 3 kids that I adore and without them I don't know what I would do

and well I am sure there is more and when I think of it i will have a part 2, lol

Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm Letting My Daughter Grow Up Too Fast!

For Alyssa's LATE Christmas gifts was to get her ear pierced (cartilage..sp?) and a cell phone. Well Joe threw the BIGGEST fit ever when he was told she wanted her cartilage done. She is too young for that Theresa.. WTF.. Why would u let her even get that done. So instead, she got her 2nd holes done. To me, what the hell is the difference, all the kids her age have it done and I took her BFF to get her ear pierced done and she (Stephanie) got the cartilage done, was allowed by her Mother I made sure. Maybe it is just me but I see no big deal in it. Bad mother or just bad thoughts? Today's society is different than when we were kids and he compared this to him. He said he was not allowed to get his ear pierced til he was 18. I said first of all, your parents were old school like the rest of us and your a boy, LMAO. There is no comparison here. So anyway, she got her 2nd holes done with her birthstone (Sept). It looks cute cause she has medium size hoops in the first holes and little birthstones in the 2nd ones.

The cell phone. Why does she need a cell phone? Umm because she goes out and there is no excuse now that she had no way to get a hold of us because all the cell phones were dead or any other excuse she can come up with. It's $40 a month with unlimited text and unlimited minutes. I don't think that is bad.

I am allowing our 12 year old to grow up too fast and allowing her to be 16 and not 12. I am sorry, all the kids have phones and all the kids have piercings on their cartilage. Ok, so we are not everyone but I SPOIL my kids to the extreme and that is bad... Ok I know it is.

I suck! Alyssa wanted me to get my cartilage done and I said hell no......that shit hurts, LMAO. Now Stephanie didn't even flinch when she got hers done and said it didn't hurt at all. Hmmm. If anything... IF I had a nice body with a flat belly with no stretch marks and scars I would get a belly ring but that is way outta here now, LOL

I felt bad that Stephanie was allowed to get it done but Alyssa couldn't but she is happy with the 2nd holes and it looks nice! Maybe I am letting her grow up too fast.

Come To Think Of It

I am thinking this year will be better than "08" was. My parents get their inlaw suite built on my other side of the house, my bathroom is DFINALLY going to get done and my carpets will be put in and than onto the kitchen. Joe gets his CDL soon, he is almost done with that so he will be working which will make things better for all of us. I have my Mother in law on one sode of the house with her inlaw suite and my parents on the other side of the house. I am happy about that, I hated the long s drive to the pocono's to visit my parents. I actually hate the pocono's so it is better they are here. I am also glad they are here with me because of Dad getting older with his disability he falls alot and there is always someone here to help him up again. The thought of him being 2 and 1/2 hours away and falling always scared me so they are here with us which is good!

So yea, there is alot going on for 2009. I am going to TRY and make things better for us with my mood swings which I am hoping will be better since I had the surgery and I won't be in pain 24/7 and can actually have good intimate times now =) That was alot of perssure on our relationship ya know.

2009, here we come!

Here's To A New Year!

Well here we are at 2009, same shit just a different number at the end. Did e expect anything different really? Na, not really. I didn't have a new Year's Resolution only because everytime I do have on, it don't pan put anyway, LOL. I didn't do anything New Year's. Joe watch Twlight Zone all night and fell alseep early and I played my online game until 2:0o am which is usually not me. I didn't even watch the ball drop in New York. I think these Holiday's are just so bla no, I guess I am older I am a parrty pooper anymore. Even Christmas to me didn't feel like Christmas, it hasn't for the past few years but I like to watch the kids open their gifts and every year I h ope Jony understands what is going on but he still don't don't get it. I had to open his gifts yet again and he don't want nothing to do with any of them =( It's so sad.

I think I am getting together with my cousin today, was supposed to be yesterday but I ound up in Walmart spending money on my kids... they needed clothes and taking Jonny to McDonald's for lunch. He was such a good boy. now on Sat I am taking him to get his haircut, that is NOT going to be fun, he hates it and cries and it breaks my heart but I can' have him having hair in his eyes and long hair, people think he is a girl, LOL.

I am also getting Aysa her late Christmas gifts today I think too. I am getting her a phone from Metro PCS. It is really cheap. It is $40 a month unlimited text and unlimited talk which is what I need for her! I didn't have the money before Christmas so Christmas morning It old her I was getting it right after Christmas. She needs it now, she goes out and I need to know where she is and etc... Than she won't have an excuse of why she didn't check in and it is the perfect thing to take away when she gets grounded!!! My daughter is 12 going on 20 I swear. Things these kids do I didn't fo until I was like 14 or the clothes they wear and things they want, it drives me nuts. Id id good this year once again for Christmas though and got everthing on sale, even her clothes and her jacket she wanted. I got her jacket for $40 when it is an $80 jacket, her boots were buy one pair for $20 get the 2nd pair for $10. Her shirts from Aeropostal were on sale for $10.00 and so was her Hollister shirts, well they were $25 but byuy one get one free so I got 4 shirt for $50.00 YAY. Her jeans I found in a kids store for $25 (skinny jeans) instead of the $50, which Joe wanted to kill me when I bought them for $50, LOL

So Happy New Year's to you all. I know I didn't get on Myspace and commnt anyone but I did sent out a bulletin, LOL.

I hope you all have a good New Year and I hope it is better than last year.

Bridgete, I am so proud of you that you lost all that weight, you were determined and you did it! You look Great! I have alot of clothes for you for Parker but surgery messed me up so when I am feeling better I will send it out to you.

Tammy, hang in there kiddo, you are strong and you will be ok. Time will fly by so fast and before you kowit, Chris will be home with you and the babies!!

Leslie,I haven't had time to send out anything yet, I still feel like crappo but when I feel better i will get it out to you.