Monday, January 12, 2009

What's Been Happening Here

There really hasn't been that much going on here besides the normal everyday things. Joe and I have been getting along so well, since New Year's. I made it a point in my life that life is too short to get mad and fight over things that should not be. I also made it a point that JOE is the ruler of the house and what he says goes (with Alyssa).

I went for my post-op visit. My incisions he says look great (uhhggg). I asked about the pains on my left side and he said that was normal since the one incision is there and he lazered under the rib cage. My Dr I am one of the worst he had ever seen with the scar tissue and adhesion's he had ever seen, especially on the bowels. I don't have any pains anymore, just sore from the surgery still. He says it takes like 6-8 weeks to feel 100% better. He told me not to lift anything that weighs more than a gallon of milk, no vacuuming, pushing or pulling anything for the next 3 weeks.... OH and no sexual intercourse! I laughed and said Joe is going to hate you for this one. My Dr even wrote Joe a note telling him all of this. Oh well, there are things we can do =)

I have decided that now that Alyssa is 12, has a cell phone, she needs to work off for her cell bill which is $40 a month. She has her room she does everyday which she always did anyway but I added vacuuming and help after dinner everyday. Joey thought it was not fair that he has nothing so he said he wanted to swifter the kitchen floor everyday, LOL. I thought that was funny so I said I would give him $5 a week for the floor, LOL

My cousin who is home from Iraq for 2 weeks is ready to have a baby in 3 days. I am so glad he is able to be home to see the little girl arrive, especially his first baby. Him and his wife tried 4 times before this and she lost them in the first trimester so this is a HUGE ordeal in the family and I am so happy for them!

I want to make plans to go see my cousin Tammy ho lives like 6 hrs away, Upstate New York but they get snow so I think it is going to be a Spring visit.

I have 2 candle parties now. Sometime in Feb they both are so I am stoked about that.

I am having a surprise B-day party for my Dad Feb 15th. Funny thing is, his b-day is Jan 15th so he will have no clue and would have forgotten about his b-day a month later. I am excited about this event. He is the big 60. Damn I cannot believe my Daddy is going to be 60 in a few days!

I have pics of my bowels that the Dr took, before and after, I am just having some issues with the scanner so when I get it going I will post it so you can see how bad it was. Bridgete would probably see it better than anyone else since she is a nurse.

Ok that is enough for me for now. Hope u are well and thanks for the link Brit, I was wondering where u went!

Love to you all


Bridgett said...

So glad you and Joe are getting along well. I'm also happy your pain is gone (other than temporary surgical pain). Sounds like life is good for you. Especially since the kids are now doing the chores! LOL

I'd love to see your before and after pics, by the way. :)


Stephanie said...

I'm glad you're healing well, hopefully the pain goes away soon.

That's great that your cousin is able to see his baby being born!

Leslie said...

Im so glad hun first of all that you and hubby are doing great. i knew you all would be ;) Im glad also your healing well too. I really hope though the pain goes away real soon. My gosh hun i cant imagine seriously what your going thru. Your such a strong woman. Hang in there babe. Thats sucks about the intimacy grr, lol. i feel yah. After my cyst removal surgery it was the same thing, no
sex for awhile. I was like damn it, lol. But you and hubby will
get thru it fine ;) Thats a great idea too hun to give the kiddos chores to do to earn money. Awesome idea way to go momma. Thats great news for your cousin too and his wife. Awesome i bet your are thrilled. Best wishes to them. Im really thrilled of your candle party too. I bet your selling like crazy. Im so happy for you. I cant wait to buy some from you finally, lol. I need tax refund money and now, lol. Aww thats sweet your planning your daddies surprise party. Im sure it will be great :) Well take are dear. Have a good day ttys. Love yah xo, Leslie

Stacy said...

Hey Tree, we need a phone chat...I had endo years ago and think it is back with a venegance..would love to pick your brain.

Glad you and Joe are getting along.