Monday, January 5, 2009

Some Things About Me

Ok so here goes some things about me you may or may not kn0w but to get to know me better I thought I would do an about me, some history of Theresa.

I was born July 5th 1974.. a few minutes earlier I could have been a fire cracker baby!

I grew with a Father in a wheel chair (shot in Vietnam and paralyzed him from the chest down) so to me having a Dad in a wheel chair was normal.

I was a dancer from 5-9 I think, took tap and ballet. I just liked the sounds of the tap shoes, hehe.

I was a big huge roller skating freak. I could everything u could imagine on skates, if u get me on them now, I'd break my butt bones, lol.

Growing up every weekend we as kids looked forward to the sumer, we went to my Aunt's lake house (a trailer) and went swimming and tubing and had a blast. The adults got drunk, fought and the kids were cooking marshmallows by the fire at night.

I am still friends with my best friend from 3rd grade, Vernae. We were separated for 3 years because we had different middle schools but were reunited the first day of school in 10th grade in Biology class.

I hate the color PINK, I despise it.

My favorite color is black and dark purple.

I get my nails done every 2 weeks, never will you see me with a light color on my nails.

I HATE shoes

I hate shopping except for food shopping, I just hate to put the order away

I spoil my kids to death

I met my husband in 7th grade, thought he was a dork and than dated him later in 7th grade, on and off dated until our senior year it was serious.

I got pregnant my senior year but lost the baby 3 days after I found out I was pregnant and had the miscarriage in work, that was not pretty!

I got married in my in law's back yard in 1994, a year after graduation

Trying to get pregnant was a nightmare, shots, procedures and etc... finally had one in 1996

Same with second pregnancy, shots, meds and all... He was born 1999

Joe and split up for about a month, we got back together (2000) and BAM!!!! I was pregnant with no assistance from the Dr. Jon was born in 2001

My brother died 2003, D.U.I. crashed and after so many damn surgeries on his lungs and chest tubes we let him go 12/12/03 I miss him so much. He was only 21

I can't stand my mother's side of the family. They are all fakes and they piss me off with their born again christian shit.

I hardly talk to anyone on my Dad's side. I speak with 4 cousn's and my Dad's one brother and his wife. My Dad had an argument with his brother and since than, they haven't spoken to each other and it is stupid =( It is so sad.

my Dad's sister just died last year, didn't mean that much to me, the woman was a huge drinker and knew what can happen, besides she was a trouble maker in the family with another woman whom I will not mention. I can't.... she is my... nm

I love chocolate! Chocolate candy, ice ream, u name it, I love it. My fav is choc covered cherries!

I have been dealing with endometriosis since I was 14, had so many surgeries for it, I lost track of them now.

I am a HUGE Daddy's girl. Always will be!

I have an attitude and have a tendency to say things that maybe I should not say or should just keep to myself because it gets me into trouble and people I think I can count i can't. It sucks!

I love horror movies

I am not a reader but James Patterson has some really good books and I am getting ready to read Twlight

I love black licorice

I have 5 tattoo's, 3 of them have meaning behind them, the other 2 I just wanted

I love football. My team is Dallas, even if they did crappy this year!

I play online video game called World Of War Craft, that is my sanity when the kids go to bed

I love my online friends, they lift me up hen I am down and they help me out when I am in need!

My youngest son has Autism so my life is living in the Autism world

I worry about my kids and what they will be when they grow up, I want them to succeed and not be like me, a nothing

My eyes are hazel but if I wear a certain eyeliner they change to a deep green

I have one brother alive now and he lives up where my parents did live, he was heavily into the drugs and now is clean, I am proud of him.

I have 2 cousin's serving in Iraq and it scares the hell outta me everyday they are here and my cousin Chris just left last week.

I hope Obama can change this society, every damn president we have they say that and it makes it worst but noone as bad as Bush!

I suck at typing. I look at the screen 1/2 the time but I am a typo queen and I am sure you can figure out hat the typo is, LOL

My father in law died, it will be 2 year next m0nth and his birthday just passed so that was hard, i miss him alot!

My mother i law is disabled from a surgery she had, they hit er spinal cord and paralyzed her right side, she cannot move her right leg so it drags when she walks, it sucks.

I take medications to calm me down everyday, if not I am a BITCH and a 1/2. I take Seraquil, Remron, Klonopin and generic form of Zyban. Klonopin is twice a day!

My husband suffers from panic disorder. he has to be on medications or he feels like he is dying.

Right now my life sucks

I had surgery almost 3 weeks ago and my left side is still hurting bad and I can only sit a certain way or it kills me

I love to take baths

I love to listen to music when I am cleaning

I am a clean freak. My floors are cleaned everyday, vacuumed everyday, windexing everyday, dusting and bathroom is tidy everyday.

I hate hamburger, exept for in spaghetti

I love to mess with coloring my hair, id id the black thing but I am too plare for that color.

I am a MUT. I have Irish, german, dutch, Indian and some italian in me

I love crunchy cereal, once ir starts to get soggy I wont touch it

I hate milk but in cereal and my coffee.

I LOVE coffee and I drink way too much of it

I have 3 kids that I adore and without them I don't know what I would do

and well I am sure there is more and when I think of it i will have a part 2, lol


Bridgett said...

This was great, Tree!
I knew many of these things, but some of it was news to me.

You'll love Twilight. :)

Feel better, sweetie.


Egan Ninjas said...

I have known you most of my life (well, all of it) and I did not know some of these things.
Thanks for sharing it!

Leslie said...

This was awesome hun. Ty soo much
for sharing. I learned lots about you. Some i knew others i didnt ;) I really enjoy when ppl do this in their blogs so we can get to know them better :) I look fwd to reading pt 2. I may have to do this on my blog too. Take care hun. Hope your feeling better and better everyday. Im so sorry ur still in such pain that sucks. Im praying for u hunny.
Love yah, Leslie xo