Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm Letting My Daughter Grow Up Too Fast!

For Alyssa's LATE Christmas gifts was to get her ear pierced (cartilage..sp?) and a cell phone. Well Joe threw the BIGGEST fit ever when he was told she wanted her cartilage done. She is too young for that Theresa.. WTF.. Why would u let her even get that done. So instead, she got her 2nd holes done. To me, what the hell is the difference, all the kids her age have it done and I took her BFF to get her ear pierced done and she (Stephanie) got the cartilage done, was allowed by her Mother I made sure. Maybe it is just me but I see no big deal in it. Bad mother or just bad thoughts? Today's society is different than when we were kids and he compared this to him. He said he was not allowed to get his ear pierced til he was 18. I said first of all, your parents were old school like the rest of us and your a boy, LMAO. There is no comparison here. So anyway, she got her 2nd holes done with her birthstone (Sept). It looks cute cause she has medium size hoops in the first holes and little birthstones in the 2nd ones.

The cell phone. Why does she need a cell phone? Umm because she goes out and there is no excuse now that she had no way to get a hold of us because all the cell phones were dead or any other excuse she can come up with. It's $40 a month with unlimited text and unlimited minutes. I don't think that is bad.

I am allowing our 12 year old to grow up too fast and allowing her to be 16 and not 12. I am sorry, all the kids have phones and all the kids have piercings on their cartilage. Ok, so we are not everyone but I SPOIL my kids to the extreme and that is bad... Ok I know it is.

I suck! Alyssa wanted me to get my cartilage done and I said hell no......that shit hurts, LMAO. Now Stephanie didn't even flinch when she got hers done and said it didn't hurt at all. Hmmm. If anything... IF I had a nice body with a flat belly with no stretch marks and scars I would get a belly ring but that is way outta here now, LOL

I felt bad that Stephanie was allowed to get it done but Alyssa couldn't but she is happy with the 2nd holes and it looks nice! Maybe I am letting her grow up too fast.


Egan Ninjas said...

Ok so this is tough. I understand both sides but I think mainly it is about what you and Joe both agree on. I personally have no clue how I would feel when it comes to Emma wanting piercings etc. I will let ya know when/if the time comes. However, I definitly would have to agree with Chris and he with me before we even speak to her about it or make any decisions. This then prevents her from thinking one is the 'good guy' and one is the 'bad guy'...I can not believe Alyssa is 12!!

Bridgett said...

Honestly...I don't see a big deal about the cartilage earrings at all.

My only concern is the high risk for infection and scar tissue. But truly...what does it matter where the hole in the ear is? LOL

I don't think you're letting her grow up too fast. I think you're just letting her do what all girls her age want to do. Nothing wrong with that.

If it makes you feel any better, I'd let Autumn get her ears pierced at the same age. :)


Leslie said...

Hey hun, *hugs* Dont be so hard on yourself babes. I really dont see the big deal if she had gotten the piercings on the cartilages either. But i see ur hubbies side a bit too, lol. But yeah she is 12 though, ear piercings like that is ok. I dont think that is horrible or anything lol. Now the cell phone hmm, lol. Im old fashioned with that one a bit. I dont think i would have Danielle get a cell at 12. I dont know.But i get what your saying too because she goes out often its good to keep track and call in to check on her. I have seen 9 yr, 10 yr old kids with cells, lol, kind of crazy. I think some kids today are growing up too fast. Now yours hun i mean others, lol. But like i said babe dont beat yourself up. I think your an awesome mommy. I mean that. Love yah babes, Leslie