Monday, December 29, 2008

Alittle of this and that

This last pic is a stratch I did from the pain medications I was allergic to. Not only did it make me throw up but it made me itch like crazy.

Hey everyone!n I don't even know where to start on here since it has been awhile since I wrote in here. I guess I will start with surgery. My surgery was the 17th. It was supposed to be an in and out procedure of a laporoscopy. No biggie to me since I had it done so damn times. It turned out to be a mess really. My Dr had to call in the General Surgeon because the adhesion's and scar tissue was so bad on my bowels he couldn't by law of his license touch it. It was so bad that it could not even be lazered off, it had to be cut out. Than they thought I had a hernia by my vaginal wall which turned out to be a huge mass of adhesion's and scar tissue thank god. The pain was intense when I woke up. I was on Dilotin for pain and was allergic to that so I was dry heaving and all with compazine shots in the ass to stop the vomiting for 3 days. By the 4th day I was on no pain meds cause I was afraid to throw up, 4 incisions on the belly and throwing up is not a good feeling at all. It hurt pretty bad. The pain from this surgery hurt worst than the hysterectomy surgery I had 7 years ago. I finally got home on the 20th at like 7:00 at night. I was glad to be home but damn the pains were so intense. Here I am 10 days later and my left side still hurts pretty bad but bare able. My tolerance to pain is pretty high since I been dealing with the Endometriosis since I was 14, have no choice but to deal with pains. I have 4 incisions from hip to hip from 3 c-sections and the hysterectomy and here the damn Dr, cut me from belly button down to the hair line. I was so mad when I seen that I cried like a baby. My belly is ugly enough with all the scars and stretch marks,he just made it 20 times worst.

Christmas was good. I was still in pain but it was all for the kids, always is anyway. Joe cooked a ham and turkey with a bunch of sides, my brother was here with his fiance, my brother in law and his wife and 2 kids and my family so I had a full house. It was nice though that I did no cooking or cleaning up, LOL. It was good but my appetite at that time was limited so all i had was turkey and stuffing. I was too afraid to eat and get sick again, LOL. My worst fear is throwing up so I will in any case avoid to throw up. Alyssa and Joey were super happy with what they got for Christmas and Jonny had no clue as to what was going on like every year and kept going to the tree looking at it saying "tree" "tree" like wondering why there is a damn tree in the house. It was a nice day but very long for me!

Today my cousin's husband left for Iraq, I feel bad for her. It sucks. They have 2 kids and one of them is just a new born. So now I feel bad for my cousin having to take care of 2 babies and the house and all on her own as I feel bad for all the women who's husband's have to leave over sea's. It sucks. I hope Obama makes the changes he promised!!

The weight I was so excited about that I put on (14 lbs) I lost already. I went over to see Nae and I was down to 104. Sickening. I look sick! When i was 114 I looked good, the boobs were nice and the ass was there, LOL. I have nothing now. I am trying so hard to get my appetite back but it is hard after surgery to get it back fast! Nothing tastes good and everything just tastes different.

The pics are from what I looked like a week later so you can imagine what I looked like after my surgery. It is sooo ugly! My stretch marks were never this bad but I guess since he pumped me up with the air he made the stretch marks deeper.... I just wanna cry!

There is alot of personal stuff going on, I will write about that later. It is time for me to lay down, my left side is killing me!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've Been Busy

The past few days have been extremely busy with always something to do or going on. Wednesday Jonny had an appt at the new Dr's office (the child Phycho Dr). Well we went to go school to pick him up and when we get to the office, we had a little surprise that his appt was cancelled but no one called me to inform me of this. I was quite ticked off. His apt now is Monday at 11:00 and the evaluation is 2 hours long. I hope she does something to help Jonny sleep better at nights, this is nuts! Joe get up with him around 3:00 am until like 7-7:30 than wakes me up to be with him and Joe goes back to sleep for awhile, it is just insane!

Thursday I had to go to the hospital for the pre-admission blood work and all the questions of this and that. They took 5 viles of blood and after that I had to get an EKG because I am a smoker. That in itself was 2 and 1/2 hours long.

Friday I get a call saying I need to come back to the hospital to get the blood work taken all over again because there was blood clots in the tubes. WTF!!!! She said this was no one's fault and it happens frequently... Hmm I doubt that and I blame the nurse for this one. She didn't spin it right or something.

Friday night was my candle party. We had a blast. We went through all the candles that were made which was 38 different ones and than the ones in the bottles which was like 50, LOL. I am so immuned to these scents so Ismell them differently I think, LOL. It was a success considering there was only 8 girls there but we had a blast with the wine, LOL., I got home at 2:30 a.m. still feeling that buzz feeling, LOL

Saturday Jonny's therapist came for 2 hours and talked to me about moving Jonny out of the school district possibly if they cannot come up with something to help this child and how they can control him. This is their job, they went to college on this so they of all people should know how to control an autistic child. It pisses me off!!!

Today is Sunday and I am hoping to get to the stores and get some more Christmas gifts for the kids and some outside lights. I have like 6 bushes I want lights in so I must do this but I am not sure if Joe has band so it all depends on that. I cannot take Jonny to the store when it it Christmas time, he is deathly afraid of the Christmas animations and thins so him going with me in nearly impossible. Maybe I can take him and bribe with him with McDonald's Chicken nuggets and fries, LOL

I snowed last night, flurries were just slowly coming down. It looks so pretty but I hate the shit! It makes it feel like Christmas but i still hate it, LOL. I hate the cold weather too, it hurts the bones in my legs.

Ok.. I think that is it for now. I might be back later and read more blogs, I still need to wake up here a bt, LOL