Friday, January 9, 2009

"The Unborn"

Ok so this is going to surprise you all but Joe and I went to the movies today to see the movie "The Unborn". It started today so we thought we woud go while the kids were in school and no long lines for opening night =) ( My Dr from my surgery bought us movie tickets because he felt bad for me having such a bad surgery that he thought would be in and out same day). So off we went to the movies at 10:30 this morning. The movie was good but during the movie the whole time it was a queston of why why why. At the end of the movie it was brought to your attention of why and it all made sense. It was pretty descent except for the guy on the stairs, I could not look and when I did see it, I went "OH MY GOD", the people near us was laughing as I was ready to cry, LOL. it was good and when it comes out on DVD I will be there to buy it!!

Here is another shocker for you! Please don't pass out on me ok!

After the m0vie was over, it was alittle after 12:00 and we went to LUNCH!! Oh yes we did!! Not just to a rinky dink place, it was a new Italian Restaurant and Joe said let's try there. So off we went to lunch. I got chicken parm with some pasta that looked like lasgna but it was all cheese, looked like goat cheese but here it was FRESH mozaeralla cheese, Ummmm ewwwww! I ate the chicken though. it was a nice day out wth just us 2 togeher, we tlked during the car drive to the movies and to lunch and back home and did';t argue over anything!

Us 2 young kids had a good day =)

Thanks to Dr. Turner for buying us tickets, we really needede Joe and Theresa time with noone interfering on us!

So if you go to the movies to go see it, let me know what you think, I thought it was pretty good, not great but pretty good!


Leslie said...

Believe it or no, lol. I think i told you this before i am NOT a horror movie person. But i wanted to see this one. It was pretty good then huh? I will definetly have to see it ;) Ty for recommending hun. Im so glad u all got to have Joe & Tree time. Sorry about the food though hun. But im just so happy u all had a date. Thats awesome ;) I bet u all loved that too. How cool of your doc to hook you all up, sweet. Well hun i love yah. Have a good weekend ttys xoxo, Leslie

Egan Ninjas said...

Oh my gosh, you guys totally need time together at LEAST monthly...alone...good for you!!! I couldn't be happier.

Bridgett said...

Wow! Congratulations for your day of fun with Joe. That's awesome and just what the two of you needed.

I want to see this movie too. LOVE horror movies. :)