Friday, January 2, 2009

Come To Think Of It

I am thinking this year will be better than "08" was. My parents get their inlaw suite built on my other side of the house, my bathroom is DFINALLY going to get done and my carpets will be put in and than onto the kitchen. Joe gets his CDL soon, he is almost done with that so he will be working which will make things better for all of us. I have my Mother in law on one sode of the house with her inlaw suite and my parents on the other side of the house. I am happy about that, I hated the long s drive to the pocono's to visit my parents. I actually hate the pocono's so it is better they are here. I am also glad they are here with me because of Dad getting older with his disability he falls alot and there is always someone here to help him up again. The thought of him being 2 and 1/2 hours away and falling always scared me so they are here with us which is good!

So yea, there is alot going on for 2009. I am going to TRY and make things better for us with my mood swings which I am hoping will be better since I had the surgery and I won't be in pain 24/7 and can actually have good intimate times now =) That was alot of perssure on our relationship ya know.

2009, here we come!


Brittany said...

I think the surgery results will change your life for the best..not just your marriage but all around!

I'm wishing you a healthy 2009

Bridgett said...

Now that's the spirit, Tree! Optimism is a great thing.

And I agree. I also think 2009 will bring you many happy moments.


SCM said...

Sounds like there's a lot going on! I hope 2009 turns out to be an all-around great year for you!

Egan Ninjas said...

I think you should not have no many expectations of yourself...just be patient with yourself and I know it will make you feel better! Hang in there!

Leslie said...

Happy New yr hun! I know this is late sorry, lol. Things have been crazy busy here. Know that i thinking of u hun. Oh babe ty for the shoutout ur too sweet. Just send it whenever u can. Hun ur health comes first u need to get better. I wasnt even expecting anything, lol ur so sweet to try to send me something. Ty babe. Im looking fwd to it. I am so happy to see u in better spirits despite everything that has been going on. Thats awesome ur keeping ur faith and chin up. I know u will be better in no time. Things bewt u
and hubby intimacy and otherwise will be better then ever. It sounded like u all had a good Christmas too. Im so glad. I know this yr will be a great yr for u all. U deserve it hun. Love yah lots, Leslie