Friday, January 23, 2009

Life in Theresa's world

Well to start off, mycousin made it home a few days before his baby arrived. My cousin was in Iraq and they let him come home for 2 weeks. They induced labor and wound up doing a C-section anyway. But atleast he was there to be with his wife and see his baby girl be born =) He goes back to Iraq next week I think =(

There is not much going on here lately, surprised huh?!?! Joe goes Monday for his last drive around on the bus and he takes his test Tuesday. After he passes, which I know he will, he starts immediatly which is good for us. Ever since he lost his job we been struggling for this and that. So I am excited about his job and he is too actually!

Obama stated that we are going to get the BIGGEST stimulous check ever. I wonder how much it is going to be because if it is enough I want to make a vscation with just Joe and I, Ithink we need and we deserve it. In the summer we are taking the kids to Bush Gardens (I just hope Jonny takes it well). So yea, we are already planning ahead. If the stimulous check is crap than it will go towards my candle business whichi s going great anyway but I always need something ya know!

I colored my hair as u all seen, I am coloring it again to give it more of a deeper purple look and than I will add soem low loghts to it to bring out the purple. I love purple, LOL. Yea, I think I am going through a mid life crisis or something because now I want my cartledge done on both ears and my nose pierced, LOL I don;t know if I will actually go through with it bnut IF I do I will make sure to post pics.

I have made my own tattoo that I want. It is a charm braclet wth the autism ribbons all around my wrist. Hard to explain it but I will show pics when I do it =) Won't be anytime soon but when it does ofcourse I will show it off, LOL

Before my surgery I was alomo0st 115 lbs and I looked good, even my boobs were great, LOL. After the surgery I lost it all and now I am back to 104 and me gaining weight is really hard, I have to eat all day and night just to gain the weightback and I am just now gaining my appetite for foods.

We've had a few snow showers here but nothing to brag about, not enough to go sledding or anything, just enough to cover the grass and that is it. I want snow but I want it on the weekends so this way the kids dont miss school, lol. I hate when they have a 2 hr delay or they are off due to the weather.

Jonny has been REAT. He is saying words more and more everyday. I go up to him and he tells me I love you. OMG it makes me wanna cry and he calls me MOMMY now and Jie Daddy. It is the sweetest thing ever. I prayed and prayed for that to come when our son would call us Mommy and Daddy! Well it is here and I LOVE IT!! As soon as he see's me he says Mommy! It just gives me the chills thinkimng of it.

My Phycho Dr changed my meds yet again. Now I take 1mg of Klonopin 4 times a day, Remron of 30 mg, Seraquil of 300 mg and the wellbutrin. I was speaking to some lady in the nail shop who was telling us her whole life story and telling us thatshe was on Klonopin and seraquil and her new Dr took her off them saying i can cause a heart attack and they are very addiciting. Well addicitng in my case is NO WAY because i forget alot of times to take them and nothing happens to me. I don't know. Wha medicine is really good for you anyay?!?!?!?

Ok that is it for now.

Tammy if you are readingthis, I cannot comment on your pafe, I dont know what u did but i cannot comment on your posts, LOL

Love to you all



Brittany said...

I had my nose pierced...i snagged it on a sweater when i was taking it off and it got infected after i had to take it out...I plan on re-piercing it soon though.

If you do decide to pierce it...Baby it like hell until it's 100% healed! One snag on a shirt or something and the piercing goes to hell.

Theresa said...

That is what I am afraid of and I have such long ass nails that how would I be able to take it out or in, LOL.

I am very nervous about it =)

Brittany said...

You would think that it would be a piercing that is easy to manage...but it's not.

I've had everything pierced from my belly button to my eyebrow to my tongue. (i went through a piercing phase as a teen)i have to say that the Nose one is the ONLY one that I had trouble with.

it's very delicate annoyance to it and it never heals.
I had it for way longer than the healing period and it just never i took it out.

I do believe that it was that one snag on my sweater that did it though...this time I'm going to be SUPER careful with it.

Leslie said...

Wow hun lots going on lol. Im so glad you a l are doing ok though. im so happy your hubby is this close to starting this job thats awesome. I know it will help you all so much. Im praying hard for you all. Thats great though. You sounded happier. You sound like you have healed more too thats awesome hun. Im sorry hun you have to work hard to gain weight you poor thing. I know want to be back to where you were before. Im sure you will be before you know it. I didnt hear about Obama passing for us all to get stimulus checks agina. Damn i sure hope so, lol.

That would be so freakin awesome. What we get in refund is never enough, lol. You have good plans for it too. I really hope you will get to do that. Purple hair, lol. you are too crazy woman. But you know i bet it would look great on you for real. I like it, it sounds neat. Wow nose piercing, lol. I am too chicken crap for that no thanks, lol. I cant wait to see pics of it though. I like the sound of the new tat that your thinking of doing. That sounds really great. Aww about Jonny thats awesome hun. Im so happy that he is telling you all he loves you guys and hes doing great. i bet you all are ecstatic. Well take care hun. Good to see any entry from you. ttys love. Love yah, Leslie

Bridgett said...

Wow! So much to comment on. First...Obama is going to give us stimulus checks? Really? I hadn't heard. I soooo hope that's true. LOL

Any idea when?

We're floundering here...we're broke 90% of the time. It's been bad.

Second, I'm THRILLED that Johnny is talking more!!! WooHoo! That's seriously wonderful. I still remember the first time Parker told us he loved us. It was a momentous day for sure.

I went through a piercing state too...but I'm sure you know that by now. LOL

Have a good weekend!


Egan Ninjas said...

I am assuming you can post now...since I saw your comment...
That is so awesome about Jonny, that is awesome news...
How are you healing? I hope you are starting to feel better!

ps- Kaelynn looks a lot like Rich!