Friday, January 2, 2009

Here's To A New Year!

Well here we are at 2009, same shit just a different number at the end. Did e expect anything different really? Na, not really. I didn't have a new Year's Resolution only because everytime I do have on, it don't pan put anyway, LOL. I didn't do anything New Year's. Joe watch Twlight Zone all night and fell alseep early and I played my online game until 2:0o am which is usually not me. I didn't even watch the ball drop in New York. I think these Holiday's are just so bla no, I guess I am older I am a parrty pooper anymore. Even Christmas to me didn't feel like Christmas, it hasn't for the past few years but I like to watch the kids open their gifts and every year I h ope Jony understands what is going on but he still don't don't get it. I had to open his gifts yet again and he don't want nothing to do with any of them =( It's so sad.

I think I am getting together with my cousin today, was supposed to be yesterday but I ound up in Walmart spending money on my kids... they needed clothes and taking Jonny to McDonald's for lunch. He was such a good boy. now on Sat I am taking him to get his haircut, that is NOT going to be fun, he hates it and cries and it breaks my heart but I can' have him having hair in his eyes and long hair, people think he is a girl, LOL.

I am also getting Aysa her late Christmas gifts today I think too. I am getting her a phone from Metro PCS. It is really cheap. It is $40 a month unlimited text and unlimited talk which is what I need for her! I didn't have the money before Christmas so Christmas morning It old her I was getting it right after Christmas. She needs it now, she goes out and I need to know where she is and etc... Than she won't have an excuse of why she didn't check in and it is the perfect thing to take away when she gets grounded!!! My daughter is 12 going on 20 I swear. Things these kids do I didn't fo until I was like 14 or the clothes they wear and things they want, it drives me nuts. Id id good this year once again for Christmas though and got everthing on sale, even her clothes and her jacket she wanted. I got her jacket for $40 when it is an $80 jacket, her boots were buy one pair for $20 get the 2nd pair for $10. Her shirts from Aeropostal were on sale for $10.00 and so was her Hollister shirts, well they were $25 but byuy one get one free so I got 4 shirt for $50.00 YAY. Her jeans I found in a kids store for $25 (skinny jeans) instead of the $50, which Joe wanted to kill me when I bought them for $50, LOL

So Happy New Year's to you all. I know I didn't get on Myspace and commnt anyone but I did sent out a bulletin, LOL.

I hope you all have a good New Year and I hope it is better than last year.

Bridgete, I am so proud of you that you lost all that weight, you were determined and you did it! You look Great! I have alot of clothes for you for Parker but surgery messed me up so when I am feeling better I will send it out to you.

Tammy, hang in there kiddo, you are strong and you will be ok. Time will fly by so fast and before you kowit, Chris will be home with you and the babies!!

Leslie,I haven't had time to send out anything yet, I still feel like crappo but when I feel better i will get it out to you.


Bridgett said...

Awww...thanks, sweetie. :)
Parker grows out of stuff so quickly, it'll be nice to have some hand-me-downs and save a little money.

Sounds like Christmas was nice for the kids, if not for you. :(

I'm sorry to hear about Jonny. This is the first year Parker's shown any interest at all. Every Christmas one present might catch his interest, but this year, they all did.

And the ripping paper didn't even bother him! I was amazed.

Jonny will get there.

New Year's wasn't over fun here either. Doug and I were arguing at midnight. LOL That doesn't bode well for the rest of the year, does it?

Feel better, sweetie.


Egan Ninjas said...

Happy New Year Tree. It already has to be better for you since the surgery...please keep me posted on how you are and thank you for thinking of me! xoxo